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Thread: Snake (and other pet) Names!

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    Snake (and other pet) Names!

    Hello! What are your snakes names? What about your other pets' names?

    Mine are Jinx (the BP), Dakota and Bo (black labrador retrievers), Moss, Turtle, Red, and Hercules (turtles - red eared sliders, soft shell, and painted), and Tango (a sun conure).

    I also used to have five mice named Rose, Rusty, Daisy, Sarah, and Todd, two anoles named Leap and Lizard, and a corn snake named Tallulah. Lou or Louie for short

    Your turn!

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    Corn Snake - Torch
    Red-spotted newts - Fire and Ice
    Firebelly newt - Buddy
    Woods frogs - Urp and Summit
    Siberian Husky - Kochab

    I'm kinda low on herps right now because I have no room at college. Other names I've used: Ruby, Red, Chirp, Croc, Sludge, Stripe, Pebbles, Bumps, Bufo, Bufo II, Pickle, Moss Murt, Kirwin, Smoke, Brownie, Popcorn, Gold, Eclipse, Flame, Sparkle, etc. As you can see, I normally name my herps after coloration.
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    i've never really been one for naming my animals but right now i do have a Sav monitor named 'chirpy boy' lol , its from the episode of the simpsons when Bart raises those eggs thinking there going to be birds and they hatch and turn out to be reptiles lol

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    Corns-Kiype and Cael
    Garters-Corven and Luekn
    Ackie Monitor-Thais

    I make up most my name-call me a victum of fantasy writing.
    l Ackie Monitor 1.0 l Corn Snake 2.0 l Ball Python 1.0 l Western Hognose 0.1 l l Garter Snake 2.0 l Anery BCI 1.0 l Jag Carpet Python 1.0 l

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    Amel Corn (Male) - Malakai
    Snow Corn (Male) - Powder
    Unidentified Corn (She's too orange to be normal, but the bands are too thin to be Okeetee... she's very frustrating. lol) - Alukah
    Ghost Corn (Female) - Grimm
    Pueblan/Nelson Cross Milk (Female) - Gorgon
    G. rosea (Female) - Phobia
    Betta (Male) - Zephyr
    Pleco (Unsexed) - Zakky
    A goldfish and two apple snails who are unnamed.
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    Many of our reptiles never get names (it's not like they care or will come when called) but the ones that do have them are -

    Snow corn - Sally
    Jcp - Akasha
    Etb - Vlad
    Gtp - Joey
    Bco - Odin and Freya
    Younger Bp - Hope
    Bci - Spot and Morte
    Retic - Loki
    Ringneck parrot - Bindi
    Meyers parrot - Mike
    Sun conure - Jose
    dog (avatar pic) - Tillie

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    Chinese Water Dragon: Nocturnis
    Red Tail Boa: Maria
    3 Bearded Dragons: Pinky, Bellum, and Dominoe
    Cat: Mitzi
    2 Bettas: Jeffrey and Bubbles
    3 Angelfish: Macho Finn, Mario, and Sunny
    Rasbora Danio (fish): Grandma Rasbora

    I also have lots of other fish, I just need to find some names for them!
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    Cat - Bits

    Siberian Husky - Kuhmo

    red tail boas - Bug, Oscar (found him in a dumpster, so that's how he got his name), Nina, Mooch (for Muchacho), Rere, Casper

    Hog Island boa - Sari

    Columbian Rainbow boa - Little Man

    Amazon Tree Boa - Arra

    Dumeril's Boa - Diggy

    Ball Pythons - Kama (short for Kamikaze), Bella, and Nidi

    most of them I didn't actually name, my roommate named some (because I'm not good at picking names, nor did I really want to) and my boyfriend.

    A few others of mine are still unnamed at this point.

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    Male leopard gecko: Dr. Gonzo
    Female leos: Frost, Storm, Chance
    Male African fat-tail gecko: Oreo
    Fire-belly Newt: Savage Henry (I usually just call him Sav)

    And one insane rabbit named Ichabod.
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    Ball Python - Sahara
    Crested Gecko - Draco
    Red-Cheeked Mud Turtle - Koopa


    Dogs - Rocky and Sophie
    Rabbits - Elvis, Fiona, and Yuki
    Degus- Hikaru and Brenda

    I don't name most of my fish but a few special ones have names.


    Spotted Hawkfish - Falco
    Mudskipper - Kermit
    Paradise Gourami - Crystal
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