What kind of calcium in tank

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  1. srt2fast4u said:

    What kind of calcium in tank

    hey guys i have been powdering my crirkets with the vitamin powder given to me but do not have a calcium cup in my tank. So what kind and what should i look out for i am going to petco for some crikets today and would pick some up
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    houdini1 said:
    You are going to want Pure Calcium Carbonate. I use T rex Bone aid and never had a problem with it. They do sell that at petco too. Look on the back of the bottle to make sure it says calcium carbonate and that it doesn't have d3 in it. That is what you should be dusting the majority of their food with too. Then used reptile multivitamin and d3 once a week.
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    LadyGecko10 said:
    If you only have one Leo you can also use plain cuttle bones
    They are under $1.00 each and will last quite a while for just one or two leos
    Just buy 2 and scrape them together-they make a very fine dust that you can dust your insects with and put into a small dish/bottle cap in the tank
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  4. ambellina said:
    I use ReptoCal. my girl loves it.