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Thread: New Box Turtle Pen, outdoor hibernation?

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    New Box Turtle Pen, outdoor hibernation?

    Here is a pen I made for my new boxies, and pics of a few of them for fun. My question, especially for anyone keeping T. c. carolina in the upper Midwest, is "do you hibernate them outdoors?" I have gathered info from some pretty knowledgeable keepers who tell me it's fine, even in frigid Chicago. I've prepared the soil for easy deep digging, I'll add the leaves and this little corner of my yard should get a good snow cover to insulate the area. BUT... you know, first timer's jitters and all! I am so nervous that I will freeze them to death! Any experienced suggestions very welcome!

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    WOW, very nice!

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    dang those pics dont comeup on my screen=[

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    damn i can see them either

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    that is a very nice pen. i dont know what to tell you. do you have a pen in your house you can keep them in the winter

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    I don't know why the pics sometimes show up and sometimes don't. Try this one...

    Are there any box turtle keepers from the midwest? The nights are starting to get chilly here in Chicago, the turtles are eating less and I'm nervous as heck! I'm planning to keep them out all winter, but I'd sure love to hear from someone who has done it in a frigid winter locale!

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    beautiful. just beautiful. can you give me the dimensions of your pen ? how long have you had the turtles in the pen and boxies are great diggers, im more nervous about them digging under your pen than them hibernating over winter. they will do great outside, as they are juvenile/adults. as for youngs, i wouldnt let them hibernate. what you really want to do is to keep the mulch/soil from freezing over completely.

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    Thank you Raith for the compliment, and reassurance about the winter. I'll get a good leaf cover soon and snow cover eventually to keep the ground from freezing, I hope. One experienced keeper told me he has found turtles in the Spring coming out with ice over their shells! But you know, I'm still pretty nervous about it, freezing them. It can get bad here but that corner is very protected from wind and it does get a lot of sun, which would make for fairly warm ground under a bed of snow.

    I redid much of the pen today in preparation for winter, turning soil, adding peat, creating hides with logs only... it's looking pretty nice with the plants all overgrown (that's an older pic). I'd say the pen is about 10' x 6' with the angles not included. There are 5 turtles in there, 2.3.0. The digging hasn't seemed a problem, the timbers go deep, but the climbing, man! There are now generous vines along the back wall, and my son found one had climbed the vines all the way to the window sill yesterday! I think it must have been the one I was feeding canteloup off a fork from the window earlier in the week. Isn't that a laugh. It was like she was knocking on the window. But too dangerous so I cut back the vines. I have to be careful not to leave food in the pen at night for risk of attracting something bigger than mice. That's another worry. Anyway, thanks again.
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    Oh, the turtles were acquired this summer, so they've been with me in this pen for about two months.
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    The digging hasn't seemed a problem, the timbers go deep, but the climbing, man!
    HAHAHA! have you ever seen a boxie turtle climb OVER a fence? there was a picture ive seen over at good picture haha. well, best of luck to you. id be worried about predators as well, such as rats, raccoons etc.

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