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Thread: Do lizards have gizzards?

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    Do lizards have gizzards?

    I keep reading that juveniles under six months are more inclined to eat sand and get impactions than adults. Is this true?
    If so does it have to do with changes in digestive physiology from juvenile to adult? Do geckos have crops like galacious birds and some other reptiles?
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    well, juveniles dont have as good of digestive system as adults, so the young lizards cant break down things as well as an adult. it is still unsafe to use sand in an adult lizards cage though

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    Could somebody please reccommend a technical book where I could learn about the digestive physiology of leopard geckos? By the way I am not looking for husbandry advice here, I use newspaper as substrate, I'm just curious and want more than a general explaination.

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    Do any lizards, not just leos, eat gravel on purpose? I've read about crocodilians eating rocks but that's supposedly for ballast.

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    I agree the balast theory does sound hokey considoring that crocs have evolved for an aquatic environment as close to perfect as it gets. Anyway yeah I've read it and saw something about it on Animal Planet or Discover or some similar channel, for some reason they openned a croc and there were four or five nice smooth stones about the size of an adult male human fist. I don't really understand why they'd need them for grinding since they are carnivorous and the birds that have crops use them for grinding things like grains and nuts as I understand it. Oh well I thought it was interesting.

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    Originally posted by Merlin
    Not to my knowledge. And i have never heard that about crocs either but I am not really up on them. Sounds a bit hokey to me though.
    i have heard thst some crocs eat rocks on purpose. it is said to have lots of minerals good for the croc.

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