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Thread: new lizard (long tailed grass lizard)

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    new lizard (long tailed grass lizard)

    He is really cool i just got him today. I have a couple questions..
    Ok petco said that they become tame with regular handling which might be true but is it? Also the guy doesn't have a name i can't think of one what do u guys think?


    P.S. sorry about the last post about emeralds i am new to this.

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    Smile replie

    hay thats cool to get a lizard, but I already have a fish.
    kassidy Rae Cook

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    another thing

    another thing is i am new to lizards i am use to owning corn snakes which for me were tamed pretty quickly.
    heres the things i have for them:
    20 gal long aquirum
    repti-bark substrate
    lots of fake plants and repti tiles
    water dish food dish
    feed him crickets and worms
    100watt indesent light with UBV lighting also
    i will send pics as soon as possible!
    as for naming him go's i still can't think of one but i'll look around

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    Be very carefull when handling a small lizard. Most really dont like to be handled and it can be very stressful on them.

    If I am thinking about the same type of long tail grass lizard as you have I dont recommend handling it much, if at all.

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    your enclosure sounds great, and small lizards are very easy to frighten and/or stress so be careful if u do want to tame him. i would handle once or twice a week, and for a short period of time, 10-15 minutes. hope this helps, and if u need anymore help, PM me.

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    k i will keep u posted. He is letting me pet him and does't run around nutz like he used to so i guess that's progress. I am thinking of naming him Sobe after my favorite energy drink

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    here's something crazy about handling small lizards. i adopted an anole from my friend at a pet store ...i guess someone gave it to them because it was attacked by their cat. it's missing a foot, and has scabs and part of a missing tail. they were also feeding it lettuce for some odd reason. anyway, you'd think that he'd be afraid to death of anything large since it was attacked. but he loves being held oddly enough. i can just reach in and get him no chasing. and he turns a happy shade of green when i handle and pet him. it's an odd story. i named him ravioli

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    dude that is crazy i didn't know that u could handle anoles oh well it's all goood!

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